this drives me CRAZY

feel to free to check out the following link:

According to this, it would only require 496,805 square kilometers to power the entire world with solar panels alone. Sure, it will be expensive. Sure, there will be issues in getting countries to comply and working out the distribution of power. But it seems that the global mentality is to a let problem get bad enough that you have no choice but to change it (great example: the air clean-up in Beijing for the olympics). We often seem to forget somehow, even through all our supposed connectedness and integration, that we are all human. Most countries let their desire for land, power, and money get in their way of working together, and the US is no exception. It seems so ridiculous to me that we are burning fossil fuels, ripping the tops off of mountains, and submitting our environment to extreme┬ádegradation┬áto accomplish something that could be achieved with solar panels. This is beyond laziness, this is beyond ignorance: this is blatant disregard for a problem staring us directly in the face. Most of the time I try and accept society’s faults for what they are- we’re human and we can’t be perfect. But things like this are incredibly disheartening. Wake up, Earth!






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