looking at the big picture

It’s crazy to me that we’ve already covered all the topics we set out to in the beginning of the semester. The list of questions about globalization seemed long and daunting but it’s almost as if we covered them in no time. Now I feel like we have a puzzle-piece view of this thing. It’s hard to step back and look at your entire lifestyle and put a name on it. There are so many different factors that play into globalization that it sometimes feels like the class should be titled “How It Is” or “Where We’re Going”. Overall these discussions have definitely developed my perception of globalization– but in the end my initial inklings were right. It is still the overall integration of aspects of life across the world- but talking about it on a political, environmental, and cultural level has really brought more definition to the whole picture for me.

Honestly I can’t look at globalization as anything other than something positive. There are certainly destructive elements (damage being done to the environment, jobs being outsourced), but I think that’s part of the learning curve of moving into a new era. If I’ve learned anything from our past few discussions it’s that adaptation is absolutely vital to globalization’s success. The world is moving faster and faster the more we develop, and those that don’t adapt will find themselves left behind. Not only is adapting to the system important, but learning how to adapt to help the system is important as well. We need to┬áconsciously┬áconserve the environment and find ways to keep our own citizens employed if we hope to remain as powerful as a country as we currently are.

It seems that a lot of the time in class we couldn’t agree on many things concerning globalization- but that’s part of the point. We’re all being brought together as a globe, and people are going to have different opinions on the outcomes of that movement. But it’s important to discuss, to observe the changes we’ve been going through as opposed to sitting back and watching everything fly by.

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