protecting the environment

I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up along the scenic Potomac river. Summer afternoons spent jumping from rope swings, fishing, and swimming are beyond typical. Over the years though the river has definitely become increasingly polluted. I have friends who can’t swim in the river because it makes their skin break out, and science fair projects concerning the river’s quality are incredibly common. According to this ( Washington Post article, the pollution is only worsening due mostly to runoff from surrounding areas. It seems that everyone has an example of pollution affecting the environment around their home. I personally think this is one of the most glaring examples of our irresponsibility as a whole when it comes to globalization.

It has long been clear that globalization and the forces that come with it have intense abilities. Our technological advancements in the past ten years alone have surpassed what many people thought possible. We are now able to communicate, conduct business, and produce products at incredible rates. With this incredible rate of production and consumption, however, comes more responsibility. We have developed destructive powers, and part of development should be focused on harnessing potential negative effects of  our advancements. Updating legislation to match the swiftness with which technology changes and adapts is something that has been clearly overlooked- since our outdated environmental laws cannot seem to keep up with the times. We’ve clearly become focused on progress to the point that we are willing to overlook the damage happening to the environment worldwide as a result.

Ultimately, we can sit around tables and talk about globalization’s effect on the environment for days, but it ultimately comes down to this: we’ve moved into a different era and forgotten our responsibility of protecting our home. With our developments in technology it has become commonplace to abuse the environment so long as we can make financial gains. We can point fingers at globalization and blame its integration for the worldwide degradation that seems to be occurring, but we are all ultimately responsible. I think it is human nature to let a problem continue until it cannot be ignored, and with the current rates of environmental pollution it seems we are quickly headed in that direction. It’s time to take responsibility, put conservation efforts into effect even if it harms large corporations, and protect the Earth even as technology advances.

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