globalization and the environment

I think this topic is going to be really interesting! Unlike politics and culture, the environment is much easier to be objective about so I think we’ll actually be able to really look at its effects from a common standpoint. I’m curious as to how the expanded market in combination with technology has brought about effect. As in, now that some countries are making more money because they can sell to broader locations, and they have the technology to manufacture faster, how fast are resources being depleted? I feel as if the technologies we not only have for manufacturing but for gathering natural resources are so advanced that the environment is having a difficult time “keeping up”. I’m also interested in the expansion of large multinational corporations and how they are individually affecting the environment. I think that the BP Oil spill will be a really big example of the destruction that can occur with that kind of power. Overall I’m very interested in the link between the rapid consumerism that comes with globalization and the damage done to the environment.

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