now that i know!

Now that I have a handle on globalization and a general idea of what it means (took me long enough!), I’m noticing its elements everywhere. It’s very similar to the phenomenon of being involved in a theatre production and hearing lines from a show EVERYWHERE. Once you’ve rehearsed a play over and over a line spoken in conversation as simple as “now where did i put the…” can trigger a reflection back to an entire show or bit of dialogue. Globalization is similar in that now that I’m aware of its meaning I’m beginning to notice it everywhere and realize its strong presence in everyday life. For instance, one of my favorite bands “Beirut” gets their unique sound from combining “elements of Eastern European and Balkan folk with Western pop music”. Pre-globalization knowledge I just thought they sounded pretty sweet, but now I’m seeing how they’ve meshed different cultures and music elements to create their sound– very globalized. I’m sticking a link to one of their songs in here partly to demonstrate their mixed sound but also partly because they’re amazing.

Other places I’ve noticed globalization include other blogging websites- the realization that I can follow a girl in England and think nothing of it is so strange. My browser (Google Chrome FTW) offers to translate pages that aren’t in my language. I have access to people’s thoughts around the world through a few clicks of my mouse.  Overall, it’s impressive to just to think about how much access we have to the entire globe. The world is so physically vast– but globalization has made it so metaphorically small.

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  1. Prof.Glaw Says:

    I love when learning happens! Interesting video also.

  2. Mellow Musings » Final Blog Reflection Says:

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