globalization: personal defintion


  •  an increased integration of the global “playing field”– how countries interact and do business
  • a new world system in which all aspects of life are brought closer together and to other countries– through different facets of technology individuals/businesses/governments are able to function and interact at increased speeds
  • a system in which basic elements of countries and individual societies– culture, business, etc. are being connected, meshed, and circulated around the world

3 Responses to “globalization: personal defintion”

  1. sgreenla Says:

    Is this a different definition than in your previous post?

  2. Emily Humberson Says:

    I hadn’t re-read my last post before writing this, but after taking a second look they are quite close. I think thus far my original “what globalization means to me” seems to be ringing pretty true with my current definition/understanding

  3. Mellow Musings » midterm reflection Says:

    […] was vaguely gaining understanding, but still needed to fill in major details. Later in the blog ( I was able to articulate my own impression of globalization and convey the idea to others. I felt […]