“what globalization means to me”

When I first signed up for this course, I had no idea what globalization was. As I asked around I began to loosely understand it as the economic impacts of our world becoming increasingly “smaller” as things across the board become more integrated. From then to now I’ve been reading Thomas Friedman’s book on globalization and seeing what the internet can tell me. At this point I understand globalization to be the system our world is slowly moving into. This system affects not only economics but our every aspect of our lives. I understand globalization to be a system in which the world is made smaller through the internet and faster means of communication. This has a strong impact on business in that more people can be involved and things can take place on a global level without mediation from government necessarily. It also has an impact on aspects like culture in that people around the world are accessing the same media and the same popular culture through resources like the internet. Globalization is a growing interconnected-ness throughout the world that can even bring the small individual into the big picture itself.

For me, globalization is still something of an enigma. It’s a giant concept to grasp, but it’s exhilarating to know that through our technology we’re experiencing massive across-the-board change throughout societies across the globe. It could mean a major shift in the world’s balance of power, which is both scary (where will the US end up?) and exciting (when is change not?). Globalization is breaking language barriers, bringing us all closer together, and ultimately shifting reality as we know it. For me, globalization is an interesting idea that represents a new future, and a huge realm of possibility. We can’t fully predict where this technology will take us or what it will mean in the end, but the conjecture is certainly interesting.

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